IPL Photorejuvenation

Revitalize your skin and unveil a new radiance with our IPL (intense pulsed light) Photo Rejuvenation Facial – featuring Regenerative Collagen Therapy.

Our exclusive, no downtime photo rejuvenation treatment harnesses the power of natural light at a carefully selected wave length, penetrating the skin, enhancing texture, tone and dermal density by building and maintaining collagen.

IPL Addresses a Spectrum of Skin Concerns

-Dark Spots

-Broken Capillaries

-Sun Damage

-Fine Lines


-Mild Rosacea

But that’s just the beginning!

The Skin Inn elevates your skin’s well-being to unprecedented heights by incorporating a revolutionary second skin, collagen membrane – the cornerstone of our regenerative collage therapy. This groundbreaking approach supports your natural healing processes, but also delivers unparalleled hydration and collagen production, leaving your skin luminous and replenished.

LED light therapy included if desired.

Service Prices:

Face and Neck – $500

Decolette to Shoulder – $350

*A series of treatmets is typically required to achieve desired results.